Issue 39
Editorial: Thinking Ahead

Kenneth Davidson

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  • The ALP’s shrinking electoral base.
    Ian McAuley
  • Controlling corporations: the miner, the bus operators and sharia law
    Harry Glasbeek
  • Economic ideas that continue to influence public policy despite being shown to be wrong
    John M. Legge
  • How the arguments supporting high immigration serve big business
    Doug Cocks
  • How humans have gone from endangered
    species to global pest
    Clive A. Marks
  • To answer the question ‘What makes people tick?’
    refer to the really big picture

    Catherine Lomas
  • The implications of Coalition thinking on
    means-tested fees for government schools

    Trevor Cobbold
  • Religion, money and the state
    Max Wallace
  • How the school chaplaincy program is used for religious proselytising
    Chris Fotinopoulos
  • Two kinds of peace: reflections on peacemaking,
    peace-keeping and peace-building

    Tony Lynch & Bert Jenkins
  • From Tripoli to Damascus
    Kelvin Rowley