Dissent Issue
                    36 - Spring 2011 - The Use & Abuse of Taxes

Editorial: The Use and Abuse of Taxes
Kenneth Davidson


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The urban speed paradox: time pressure, cars and health
Paul Tranter

Demystification of nuclear energy
Mark Diesendorf

Coal Dependencies and the Renewables Paradox
Graham Palmer

The Public Rationale of the Universities
Simon Marginson

Inequity, disadvantage and education outcomes
Trevor Cobbold

The Victims of a Forgotten War
James Rowe

An ounce of prevention is better than cure
Jane Martin

Counting the Cost of Health Care
Jennifer Doggett

Animals and Us
George Seymour

Facing Up To Social Cost
Andrew Johnston

Australian Labor Values
Ken Coghill and Julia Thornton

Libya and the Responsibility
Kelvin Rowley