Dissent Issue 34 - Summer 2010 / 2011

Editorial: Who owns Labor: the Greens or the oligarchs?
Kenneth Davidson


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Trustee companies and philanthropy
how trustee companies gouge charities
Elizabeth Cham

Privilege and disadvantage
government schools short-changed $6 billion
Trevor Cobbold

Looting, antiquities and public policy
museums looting developing countries’
cultural heritage

Kenneth Polk

Conflict of interest?
the High Court and the Catholic World Youth Day case
Max Wallace

When the climate breaks bad, will there be answers?
science, not politics, must determine
climate change policy

David Spratt

Kachin capers
environmental disaster on the Irrawaddy River
Melody Kemp

Tackling the banks
the bank competition myth
Richard Denniss

The price of civilisation
the taxes necessary for a civilised, sustainable society
Ian McAuley

Waiting for the second shoe
while Wall Street excesses remain
unconstrained a future GFC is likely

John M. Legge

‘Free trade’ and the public
America’s trade war against Australia’s interests
Patricia Ranald

The social determinants
of illness
the social determinants of illness
Peter Evans

What vision?
beyond a strong economy
Andrew Hunter