NUMBER 34 SUMMER 2010 / 2011

Dissent Issue 34 - Summer 2010 / 2011

Editorial: Labor's Tax Retreat - why lightly taxed Australians
resent paying taxes.

Kenneth Davidson


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Global overshoot: contemplating the
world’s converging problems
Doug Cocks

Out of the war: eight steps to a
sustainable peace in Afghanistan
Richard Tanter

A carbon price, and then...?
David Spratt

Why the city we build will never be the city we need
Andrew McNamara

Planning failure: why governments and
developers subvert city plans
Michael Buxton

Public education for our future
Anthony Ashbolt

Insidious practices
Dr Joo-Cheong Tham

Rail freight still shackled by bad policy
E. W. (Bill) Russell

Hard labour: New Labour and
the politics of productivity
Michael Fisher

Islamacism, the Shari’ah and the treatment of women by Muslims in a democratic society
John Greenwell

The politics of stress and health
Matthew Fisher

Thorny legal thickets
Ken Crispin