D!SSENT Number 33 - Spring 2010

Editorial: Australia can avoid the impact of a global double dip
recession because our economy will remain in the slipstream of the Chinese economy.

Kenneth Davidson


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neoliberalism, introduced to Australia by the Hawke
Government, has created a new dysfunctional class
Rod Beecham

the threat to native forests from wood-fired electricity
and bio-mass feedstocks
Judith Ajani

lessons from the past and modern politics
David Lowe

why the original Resource Super Profits Tax was
needed to create a balanced economy
Ian McAuley

how Generation Y plays student politics
David Barrow

how state aid to non-government schools results in
educational and social inequality
Richard Teese

why tax-deductible private philanthropy should be
open to public scrutiny
Elizabeth Cham

the ever-present risk of political corruption and what should be done about it
Tim Smith

Australian bank bastardry in Laos
Melody Kemp

a review of two recent books attacking mainstream economics
John M. Legge

veteran political activist Eric Aaron’s book on the contemporary relevance of Hayek and Marx
David McKnight

the agreement between Telstra and the government on the introduction of the National Broadband Network
Kevin Morgan

the consequences of the Church’s attempt to control sexual behaviour
Stanley Schaetzel