NUMBER 32 SUMMER 2009 / 2010

D!SSENT Number 32 - Autumn / Winter 2010

Editorial: Neoliberal policies are a threat to the planet as well as the economy
Kenneth Davidson


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Government financial accounting promotes
low taxation and small government
Ian McAuley

threats to commercial beekeeping threaten
food security
Max Whitten

lessons from Copenhagen
Cam Walker

Copenhagenís failure to get population
on the agenda
Jenny Goldie

why the right promotes climate scepticism
Graham Palmer

we must mothball coal-fired power stations
Richard Denniss

criminalising peaceful protest
Zoe Hutchinson & Holly Creenaune

misleading figures promote privatisation
Bob Walker & Betty Con Walker

the superannuation rip-off
David Ingles & David Richardson

management, not money, is the
key to public transport
Paul Mees

how Perth built a model public transport
John Stone

homelessness in Australia
Guy Johnson

population and planning
Bernadette George

debtís dual role in higher house prices
and delayed recession
Steve Keen