NUMBER 31 SUMMER 2009 / 2010

D!SSENT - Issue 31

Editorial: The National Water Inititiative is based on lies
Kenneth Davidson


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Paul Kellyís interpretation in The March of Patriots of
the Howard Governmentís role in East Timorís
Clinton Fernandes

How Julia Gillard is undermining public schools
Trevor Cobbold

Applying a human rights framework to the provision of affordable housing
Joanne Knight

Amartya Sen's The Idea of Justice
Dirk Baltzly

Simon Jenkins' Thatcher & Sons: a revolution in three acts
John M. Legge

Three myths are used to buttress private health insurance
Jeff Richardson

Australian complaints about the Chinese imprisonment of Stern Hu are hypocritical
Margaret Swieringa

The Snoway Mountains Engineering Company's environmental record in Western Nepal is wanting
Melody Kemp

The unprecedented recent explosion in scientific knowledge has opened up far more questions than answers
Stanley Schaetzel

Confronting climate change while avoiding depression
Julia Thornton

Barriers and solutions to sutainable population growth
Diane Proctor