NUMBER 28 SUMMER 2008/2009

Dissent Magazine - Issue 28

Editorial: Education Humbug
Kenneth Davidson


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The History leading to the global financial crisis and the policy options
John M. Legge

Will the financial crisis lead to new policies based on different values?
Mark Furlong

How settler socities developed similar arguments to justify racist policies
Gaynor MacDonald

Public apathy and the injustice associated with mandatory detention of asylum seekers
Jessie Taylor

State government and gamebling providers mutually exploit problem gamblers
Bill Russell

How climate scientists appease governments and governments appease coal miners
David Spratt

Conflating 'tax reform' with the 'tax burden' impoverishes most taxpayers
Richard Denniss

Governments make 'wicked choices' involving school funding
Jim McMorrow

The funding bias against government schools erodes the future of everybody
John Kaye

Government schools have become allowed to become derelict
Doug Mullett

Exposing the lies used to justify the sale of NSW electricity assets
Betty Con Walker and Bob Walker

Analysing the broadband telecommunications fiasco
Kevin Morgan

The conflict between trade union officials' fiduciary responsibilities as superannuation trustees and their responsibility to their members arising from their support for the failed privatisation of Qantas
Ian Hundley

Should taxpayer funds for sports be switched from elite sports to community sport?
Roy Hay