NUMBER 25 SUMMER 2007/2008

Editorial: Avoiding catastrophic global warming requires population and emission reductions
Kenneth Davidson


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Australian private debt levels
are no longer sustainable
Steve Keen

Privatisation and PPPs are rape
 and pillage of the public purse
John M. Legge

NGOs' advocacy role is vital for democracy
Joan Staples

Community Legal Centre and
their role in law reform
Liz Curran

Moving towards sustainable agriculture
John Kerin

Wasting taxpayer's money on
upgrading irrigation infrastructure
Alistair Watson

The dark arts of politics
John Dowd

Dams and environmental disasters in Laos
Melody Kemp

Divine design v. natural
selection in evolution
Jim Ogden

The ethical implications of building machines to read people's minds
Carole Smith

Book reviews: Beatrice Frost on Islam, Sid Spindler on Indigenous affairs and Richard Archer on Australian economics