Dissent Number 24 - Spring 2007 Cover

Editorial: Playing politics with Peak Oil and global warming
Kenneth Davidson


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Rudd Labor's poor response to WorkChoices
Harry Glasbeek

AWAs and the mining industry
Jim Stanford

Howard's rhetorical devices
Tim Moore

The Whitlam and Howard
governments compared

Roy Williams

Global warming and the
dangers of positive feedback
David Spratt

Protecting public schools
Chris Bonnor

A health policy for Labor
Charles Livingstone

Sensible urban water policies
Anna Hurlimann

Trafficking workers in Asia
Melody Kemp

Detaining terrorists and refugees
Joanne Knight

Privatising electricity
 John M. Legge

Telecommunications policy fiasco
Allan J. Williams & Kevin Morgan

Review of The God Delusion
David Berger

The assault on dissent
and what to do about it
Brian Martin