Dissent Magazine - Issue 27

Editorial: World water scam
Kenneth Davidson


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Moving beyond the limits to solidarity: a social investment approach
Robert Salter

A Charter of Rights for Australia
George Williams

Human rights-based judicial review: it seems a good idea at the time
Tom Campbell

Solar stuff-up
Bob Johnstone

Lalgambook: the Djadjawurrung and Coca-Cola Amatil
Patrick Jones

How US oil consumption finances terrorism
Geoffrey Chia

Plain and simple unionism
Dirk Baltzly

Making corporations responsible
John M. Legge

Broadband realities
Kevin Morgan

National self-reliance and industrial achievement
Kim Beazley

Supernatural priveleges
John L. Perkins

Anitra Nelson and Frans Timmerman

East Timor - a fragile state
Clinton Fernandes

The politics of the national estate
David Yencken

In conversation with Waleed Aly
Eva Collins