Dissent - Issue 5JOHN M. LEGGE looks at how the share market is failing to facilitate productive investment and is contributing to global instability.

L BRADFORD DELONG argues that Keynes still has the answers.

JAMES FRANKLIN believes the market can be made to work for the Left.

CLIVE HAMILTON is optimistic that US multinationals will force the Bush administration to sign an effective treaty to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

RODNEY ALLEN argues that todayís non-indigenous Australians must say sorry because they still benefit from aboriginal dispossession and the current generation of Aborigines still suffers as a result of the original injustice.

TESSA MORRIS-SUZUKI explains that false ideas of development have buttressed the belief that aborigines are at the bottom of the evolutionary scale, justifying their exclusion.

MARK OíCONNOR points out that while established morality is vital to social stability and progress, it also attracts hypocrites and those who see it as the socially required path to success.

RON STOTT argues that growth is a poor proxy for health and happiness in rich countries.

RICHARD DENNISS explains why the Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) is a better indicator of well-being than GDP.

CHARLES LIVINGSTONE shows that because governments now depend so heavily on poker machines for revenue, they are only paying lip service to public opinion which wants the pokiesí influence rolled back.

MARK DIESENDORF points out human survival is totally dependent on the existing biosphere. Because we canít make it, we must conserve it.

VICTORIA BRAMALL observes the class divide opening up as a result of the two-tier education system.

LINDSAY CONNORS explains how Commonwealth indifference is undermining public education.

BOB BIRRELL and IAN DOBSON say universities are not producing enough IT specialists because they make more profits from attracting full fee paying international students.

Chair of the UK all-party parliamentary group on population and reproductive health, CHRIS MCCAFFERTY, is amazed that Australia prevents AUSAID from funding abortion training and emergency contraception, despite UN figures showing one million unsafe abortions in developing countries each year.

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